Jawaharlal Nehru medical College, Belgaum will seek to be a center of excellence in Medical Education, Research, and HealthCare services at the national and international level.



The institute in pursuit of its vision will provide outstanding educational experience, in all the disciplines of Medicine and allied Health Sciences, in a supportive environment of scholarship, research, integrity, critical thinking and self directed learning. It will provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive, community oriented Health care to individuals and families.



The vision and mission of the institute will be accomplished using the values of congeniality, openness, inclusiveness and community involvement at a local and global level.



The institute will strive to be among the top ten medical colleges in India in the spheres of medical education, research and health care services. Added to this 1000 bed Dr.Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital and three Primary Health Centres and one urban Health centre will be the epicenters of post graduate and under graduate training, wherein patients are treated free and exclusively meant for training the post graduate and under graduate in their basic knowledge and skills.


The extreme shortage of medical facilities in the region, promoted the KLE Society to establish the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College at Belgaum in 1963. The J N Medical College, Belgaum, stands testimony to the high professional standards aimed for and achieved by the KLE Society.  Under the able guidance and mature insight of the Founder Dean, Late Dr. B.S.Jirge, the foundation of the present academic vastness was laid.  Eminent medical educationist, late Dr.B.S. Desai and Dr. M.Basavaraj Urs headed the institutions as principals during the first decade.


Dr.S.G.Desai  took over the reigns of the institution in 1971.  His distinguished tenure between 1971 and 1985 was marked by the achievement of high standards of discipline, decorum, and academic excellence.


Dr.H.B.Rajshekhar assumed the office of the principal in 1985.  During his tenure; the college saw vast growth in infrastructure and learning resources.  He contributed substantially in the up coming of the KLE Hospital and MRC, Department of Medical  Educaiton, Digital Library and collaboration with the University of Illinois, USA.  These ideas were conceived and realized during his tenure.  Welfare and student support amenities were given a great emphasis by him.


Since August, 2002, Dr.V.D.Patil MD,DCH took over the reigns as Principal.  He has taken the onerous responsibility when the field of higher medical education was going through the effects of Globalization.


The college is recognized by the Medical Council of India and has a 1000 bedded free charitable block as well as the 1000 bedded Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre on campus.  Both these facilities expose the medical students to a holistic approach to medical science and its practice, in both rural and urban areas. The college also runs a rural hospital - Dr. Kamal Medical Centre, 150 KMs away at Ankola.


The sprawling 100 acre campus has excellent infrastructure, such as state-of-the art labs, equipments, as well as other facilities that collectively provide a professional environment.


The high standards maintained by the College have attracted students from all over the world.  Several collaborations with ICMR, WHO, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA, for teaching and research, have vastly enhanced the reputation of the College.  Yet another testimony comes from the Chief Minister of Perak, Malaysia, who acknowledged the high academic caliber of the institution by signing an MOU to set up a similar college in Malaysia.


Behind the reputation of the college, are the solid credentials of an accomplished faculty that imparts quality through a well-planned curriculum, comprising of structured courses.  The college faculty has the distinction of winning the coveted, B C. Roy National Award for Eminent Medical Teacher and the Hari Om Ashram Alembic Award.’


The College, now a constituent college of KLE University, is geared to reach a new level of performance and set global standards.



World Class museums:


The College has unique museums where medical facts and oddities relating to the human body are on display.  A collection of over 300 dissected specimens and over 1000 models are all carefully preserved for the layman and students, to observe.  These include every part of the human body.  The human fetus from a month old till its mature stage, and other rarities such as cysts removed from the body, are all on display, making it veritable bank of a visual reference.


Hi-Tech Laboratories


The vast expansions of medical science and its complexity, necessitate that constant experiments and case studies be conducted within well-equipped laboratories.  The College has an array of modern laboratories with state-of the art equipments. Trained staff, provides proper assistance and guidance to the students.


Department of Medical Education.


Advances in health science and changing social structure of the country have necessitated the need for modern and valid medical education.  The Medical Education Cell established in 1980s, later emerged as Department of Education for Health Professionals, carrying out the following activities around the year.


  • Training of trainers: The Department conducts in house workshops on educational technology and behavior sciences.

  • Under-Graduate Medical Education: Orientation program for the Under-Graduate is organized every year.  The workshops for formulating/revising of the syllabi/curricula including evaluation are carried out from time to time.

  • Post-Graduate Medical Education: Apart from conducting Post-Graduate orientation program every year, to give an insight into research methodology, planning & execution of the research, the department also trains PG students in communication skills, scientific communication/publication, evidence based medicine, and  problem-based-learning,etc.

  • Health Professionals training for paramedical workers viz. BLS,ACLS etc, are carried out round the year.


The J.N.Medical College, Belgaum has total faculty strength of 520, which include Professors, Readers, Lecturers and Others.


Faculty Improvement Program:


The faculty of JNMC which exceeds 520 qualified, experienced teachers at various teaching hierarchical positions, is the main strength of the institution.  Various faculty developmental programs as listed below are carried out round the year.


  1. Educational Technology.
  2. Instructional Methods, Objective Methods of Student Assessment, Curriculum Planning, Program evaluation, Faculty Evaluation with Educator’s Portfolio, Medical Decision Making, Evidence Based Medicine
  3. Community-based research
  4. Computer application in health professions education
  5. Health Information Management System


  • The Department of Medical Education has brought out the following curricular reforms at both UG & PG levels.

  • Inter-disciplinary integrated (horizontal and vertical) teaching programs       
    eg. anemia, tuberculosis, HIV etc

  • Introduction of case based and Problem Based Learning (PBL)

  • Practice of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

  • Use of multi medical and web based resources for teaching learning and research

  • OSCE/OSPE evaluation systems.

Health Centres


Three primary Health Centre’s Viz., at Kinaye,Wantamuri and Handignur have been taken over by the college from the Government under the Private-Public Partnership.  These Health Care Centres are managed by the Medical College both administration wise and financially.  These are a great boon to serve the community as well as for the students to expose to community based health care delivery & research programmes.

Urban Health Center: JNMC is also running an Urban Health Centre to fulfill the needs of MCI for student’s community learning.


For ‘KLE’, Success is a Journey, not a Destination…….. Birth of the University



The KLE Society located at Belgaum (Karnataka) in the land of   famous dynasties such as the Kadambas, Yadavas, Chalukyas, Peshwas and of freedom fighter Rani Chennamma, the roots of which can be traced back to year 1916 when seven selfless dedicated teachers (fondly known as Saptarishis) and three patrons (Founders) identified the immense need to create a strong educational base in the neglected areas of North Karnataka & South Maharashtra.  This is how the KLE Society was born. Set upon a rare philosophy & fundamental principals of imparting quality education to the needy and the poor, the society has grown tremendously in last nine decades.


Taking in to account the Yeoman services rendered by the KLE society in each and every field of education and also honoring its efforts, the Ministry of Human resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, on the recommendation of the University Grant Commission (UGC), KLE University  was granted the deemed to be University status on 13th April 2006.(Link for Notification)


The great visionary efforts of Dr. Prabhakar Kore MP, Chairman, KLE Society, (ever since 1985 and uninterruptedly till now), has been pivotal in deciding to march ahead in to the new millennium as a University and thereby opening up the unexplored horizons in the field of health education and health care must be acknowledged for ever.


Ever since the establishment of the University there has no looking back regarding the maintenance of the quality of education and also in exploring the new areas in education. A constituent college of KLE University, recognized by the Medical Council of India, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) is also recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council, and listed in W.H.O. directory of World Medical Institutions. The institution boasts of having committed faculty of eminence and the alumni of the college is well placed in medical colleges/ research institutes, of repute in India and abroad and are considered respectable authorities of their respective subjects which bring pride to the KLE University. 


The J. N. Medical College, the prized possession of the KLE University, has been adjudged among the top twenty medical schools in the country as per a national survey done in year 2007.








RGUHS offers you a world of opportunities to learn from faculty who are leaders in their fields, to connect with students from all over the world, to embrace a rich cultural life set in one of the nations’ most happening state-Karnataka, and to build the foundation for your future. It’s all here, waiting for you at RGUHS!


RHUHS is a premier Health University in India was started in the year 1996 by the Govt. of Karnataka through the enactment of RGUHS Act 1994 to include all the existing health science institutes which were earlier affiliated to conventional universities with a purpose of ensuring proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in modern and India systems of medicine.


The phenomenal increase in the number of institutions and students admitted to various courses of medical and allied health sciences warranted the need to regulate, monitor and standardize the curricula as well as the evaluation system. The product of medical and health science professional education was to meet the societal needs for better health care, hence RGUHS had the vision to bring in uniformity in the standards of teaching and have a common curriculum for the various courses offered in different colleges across Karnataka.


RGUHS is considered one of the top universities offering the best medical education in India with initiatives to make its syllabi for different courses of world class quality taking it to the forefront of medical education in India.


Based on the ever changing scenario and also on the needs of the society, it has been restructuring its programs and also starting new ones so that quality healthcare reaches the nooks and corners of the country.


Vice-Chancellor                      Registrar                                   Registrar (Evaluation)Dr.S.Ramananda Shetty          Dr.Vasantha Kumar S                Dr.Sacchidanand 



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