Publications :


2011   - International 

1.     Hareesh S. Goud, Lavlesh Kumar, P.R.Malur, Sunita Y. Patil - “Cardiac tamponade secondary to fulminant myocarditis – A case of custodial death”. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 18 (2011) 30-33.

2011   – National 

1.     Bindhu.S, Patil Prakash V , Nerli RB, Shantaram Manjula, Dhanesh Kumar KU “Foeto-Placental weight relationship in hypospadias children and in normal children without hypospadias – A comparative study. National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences;Vol II, Issue-1; pg no. 23-24


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4.     Sunita Y Patil, Meena N Jadhav, Veena Naik , S.B.Patil, Sanjeev Reddy M, Rajeev A Malipatil

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 2011– Regional


1.     Pilli GS, Mujawar T, Sanikop AC, Patil PV – Cebocephaly : A Case Report of a Rate Congenital Anomaly. KLE HSJ 2011: 4 (2) : 64-65. 

      2.     Pilli GS – Medical education in India: challenges and issues editorial, KLEU Health

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2012– International

1.     C. Panduranga, Ranjit Kangle, Rajsree Badami, Prakash V. Patil – “Meckel – Gruber syndrome: Report of two cases” ; Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice / January – April 2012 ; Vol 3; (1)  Pg no.56-59.

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 2012- National 

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 2012- Regional

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